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Are you feeling like your uniqueness is a burden to society?

Are other people trying to change who you are?

Are you longing to be happy and at peace with your uniqueness?

Let´s talk.

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Francis Mushonga

My name is Mr Francis Mushonga and I can help you find clarity and solutions to your dilemma in a way that most life coaches can't. How? By using ancient old wisdom and guidance held in sayings and parables in the Shona culture. These are stories that I grew up with that have been passed on for generations. Human beings are human beings wherever in the world they live. We struggle with the same things, although in different ways. Stories are the doors that open our minds and our imagination so that we can see and feel things differently and/or more deeply. 

Here´s how it works:


We will begin right where you are. We will be discussing life in general and how to maneuver through day to day social challenges. It is common to most that society can sometimes be quite challenging. Especially if you feel like you do not fit in.

We will explore questions like: 

  • What are the reasons why you feel your uniqueness is a burden to society?

  • How can you communicate your uniqueness?

  • How do you get the best out of your uniqueness?

  • How do you strengthen your uniqueness?

  • How can you be in balance and happy with your uniqueness?

What you can expect:

  • to be treated with kindness and respect

  • a non-judgmental environment to try out new thoughts

  • understanding and laughter

  • guidance in moving forward

Why should you listen to this man?

Francis Mushonga is an artist, entrepreneur, storyteller and the person others turn to for unique creations, great conversations and guidance in navigating life’s challenges. He grew up in Zimbabwe and lived and worked in southern Africa until he came to Scandinavia in 2007 where he now lives with his family. Francis’ life and near death experiences could easily fill several movies ranging from action and tragedy to drama and comedy. However, he outgrew some of the hardships and found a way to walk through life with compassion, understanding and humor. With Francis´ sixth sense for human behavior combined with his storytelling skills; it is no wonder that people from all walks of life turn to him for conversation and guidance. Whatever you have on your mind, you can be sure Francis will say: “There is a shona saying…” and off you go towards deep reflection, a great story, clarity and a peaceful resolution.

Listen to Francis take on forgiveness in the audio below, recorded on the streets of Harare:

I am offering BE BOLD! BASICS at a discount for the Clean Water & Co. Campaign

Be Bold! Bascis.png


BE BOLD! BASCIS includes:

  •  3 x 60 min custom made one-on-one sessions online + Bonus

    Session 1
    We dissect the subject you want to discuss to get clarity on the aspects to have a look at.

    Session 2
    We dive deeper into the Shona saying and how it applies to your situation

    Session 3
    We wrap up everything you have brought to the table into a BE BOLD! SURVIVAL KIT

    You will also receive an audio recording of the Shona saying and it´s meaning as a reminder and guide on your way forward in life.

    BE BOLD! BASICS Special offer: 225€ (save 60€)

Are you ready to wrap 2023 in style and begin 2024 with more clarity and direction?

Get Be Bold! Basics here!


I will contact you to book your first session! 

Francis Mushonga

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Any questions? Drop us a line!

Thank you for your message! We will get back to your shortly! Francis and Camilla

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