The Actress Rehab

This is a 6 step program for you and your artistry. Find out what happens when you are heard, grounded and taken seriously .

Do you feel a need to reclaim, restore and renew your artistic voice?


Would it help to have a shoulder to cry on, space to be yourself in and to get an occational

kick in the bum, when necessary? 

What about having access to the program online, right where you are?


This program is designed to give you tools for facing the challenges in following your artistic hunger. To move through it. 

Why would I need rehab as an actress?

Because you, me and everybody else live in a world polluted by patriarchy. This pollution sneaks its way into our minds and bodies and tells us that we are not enough. That our stories aren´t worth telling and that frankly, nobody really cares. 

Living in the midst of this pollution makes it hard to breath and see clearly. Yet oxygen is fuel and clarity is what we need to move forward. Clarity is about facing what´s true and dealing with it. And the truth is: you are enough, your story is worth telling and there are people who do care.


So what are you going to do now?


There are many myths out there regarding what's required to get (back) on track as an artist. Some claim you have only one shot. Others say it's just about stepping up your game. Some even claim it's impossible to get back on track if you've been away too long. What´s actually true is that if you have an artistic hunger inside you, it will come out. In one way or the other. You must engage with your artistic hunger, otherwise it will likely show up as tension in you. I think Maya Angelou describes it the best:

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you"


There is only one way forward. Through.

Here´s how The Actress Rehab 6 step Program works

The program is designed to guide you in unleashing the energy and potential in your tension and resistance and inspire you to turn it into art. The program is open to any creative being and body who feels called to join.


The program is divided into 6 modules.

Each module deals with a specific theme and offers content to explore that theme.


The digital content can be downloaded straight to your device.

The content includes guidelines and worksheets and an option of monthly LIVE Q&A group calls and/or private coaching. 



In this module you will set the frame and foundation for your process in reclaiming, restoring and renewing your artistic ambitions and expression.


Module 2: REHAB - dealing with the past

In this module you will reclaim your artistic hunger. You will be addressing core questions regarding your artists hidden injuries and unhealed wounds. They need to be recognized for you to take your creative hunger seriously and do something about it.


Module 3: RETREAT - receiving the present moment

In this module you will be restoring your ability to receive your artistic impulses. You will be creating space in the present where your artistic impulses have a chance to come forth and be received by you.


Module 4: BOOTCAMP - preparing for the future

In this module you will be renewing your artistic commitment. You will be setting new ground rules that enable you to turn those artistic impulses into artistic courage and action.



In this module you will be reflecting back on your process and noticing the growth and artistic awakening that has taken place and continues to do so.



In this module you will be celebrating your artistic courage. You will also be articulating tools and checklists that will continue to champion you in staying true to your artistic commitment and be back on track. 



Do you feel called to be part of this?


Here are a few things you can expect from attending The Actress Rehab 6-step Program:

- your experiences will be taken seriously

- you will not be judged nor ridiculed for whatever you bring to the table

- you will be met as a soulful being, treated like a person and supported as an artist

- you will connect with and have a place in a community of courageous explorers who agree to take care of and responsibility for themselves and to cheer on each other

- you will be guided through each step with a warm but firm hand

- you are free to participate at your own pace and on your own terms

- you agree to treat yourself and the other participants with kindness and respect


Does this sound right to you so far?

Great. Now you are probably wondering: well who´s running the program?

My name is Camilla Hellberg and I will be your guide through the process. I am a professional actress, voice teacher, intuitive and singer/songwriter based in Stockholm Sweden.


During my time as an acting student and later as a professional I was contstantly struggling with how polluted by pariarchy the acting field actually was. The stage was supposed to be this free space where anything is possible. But it wasn´t.


Not only did I and my fellow actresses have to deal with the paralyzing effetcs of patriarchy in our eveyday lives, Now in our profession, it was as if it was injected straight into our veins. Clogging the flow of ideas, numbing artistic courage and preventing authentic ways of seeing the world.  Eventually this lead me to quit acting for 7 years. I was still working with theater but not on-stage. I certified as Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework, traveled the world and deepened my knowledge about energy transmission and healing a traumatized body. I developed The Actress Rehab and a working method and performance model called Improvised Meaning.


When my love for acting refused to be repressed anymore, I returned to my profession and calling by producing and performing a solo performance trilogy on intuition&intimacy. For me personally it was crucial to reclaim, restore and renew my relationship to these two subject to align myself with my art again. Since then I am touring internationally both performing and teaching.

In short: I too know the pain of feeling blocked or even paralyzed. I acknowledge that a safe space is needed to let go and allow - and - I know resistance will always be part of the process. Being willing to move through anyway and having tools for doing so,  is key.


"Women in the arts need a place like this where we can come together and share what it´s really like out there. It´s so freeing to know that others get you and you don´t have to explain yourself all the time."

"I have this deep longing inside and I know I need to do something about it

but I don´t want to do it alone anymore."

"I came to your class feeling hungry and I left feeling full."


According to the law l must clearly state that the creative, intuitive and healing tools l offer in this process  should never be treated as nor mistaken for professional medical, financial or legal advice. You are free to use any or none of them as you choose to. And you are responsible for how you put them into practice. Use your common sense in exploring what getting new perspectives and aligned experiences through creative practices can do for you.

There are 3 levels of participting:



You will receive the digital content including guidelines and worksheets that you can work through at your own pace.



You will receive the digital content including guidelines and worksheets to work through at your own space. + You will get access to monthly LIVE Q&A calls with me and other participants in the program. This will give you a frame for moving forward with each module. + You will also be added to a private Facebook group where you can share and interact with your fellow participants.




You will receive the digital content including guidelines and worksheets to work through at your own space. + You will get access to monthly LIVE Q&A calls with me and other participants in the program. This will give you a frame for moving forward with each module. + You will also be added to a private Facebook group where you can share and interact with your fellow participants. + you will get 3 x 30min private coaching calls with me Camilla. This will support you in deepening your process even further.


BASIC: 47€

BOOST: 97€

BRAVO: 247€













Many programs online that I have participated in have cost much more than this. I am offering the process at these prices because I remember what it was like to be broke and in need of a process like this. It´s not fun. I figure that the ones who want to have and can easily afford private coaching will book it anyway at my regular prices. But I want this to be accessible wherever you happen to be financially right now. 

I just want to remind you of one last thing.


That inner longing you are feeling, it wont go away until you deal with it. You know it's true.


Wouldn't you rather do it sooner than later?


And wouldn't it be more fun to do it together with people who get you, than continuing to struggle alone?


Imagine being around people who cheer for you and who don't judge you because they are too busy being creative and encouraging you to be that too. Nice, right?



Join The Actress Rehab now by clicking here!




I am looking forward to having you in the program!







Camilla Hellberg




MFA in Acting

Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework

Healing Practitioner



PS. Yes, you will enjoy the program if you like getting unstuck. Come join us.


PPS. No, you won´t be ridiculed. You will be celebrated.










And last but not least: Images of cool women who have never (yet) attended this program, but looking at them being all cool and relaxed feels, cool.



PPPS. You might feel like the cool and relaxed women in the pictures. I can´t promise anything though. However, it is very likely that having completed The Actress Rehab 6-step Program will give you a sense if relief and you may feel like the coolest woman you know. Who knows?





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