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Breaking Isolation - a 90-day challenge

Breaking Isolation is a 90-day challenge to walk my talk. I just finished the book The Artist's Way* (for the 4th time in 8 years) and as it was time to make a new commitment for 90 days, it became clear what I should do.

Each day for 90 days I will write one blog post about voluntary and involuntary isolation and what it has taught me. My desire is to explore various events and experiences as opportunities for insight about the relationship between internal experience and a possible bigger picture.

There are many things that may cause a person to isolate themselves. Sometimes it´s a matter of survival, sometimes a habitual response to feeling life move you. Shame is many times an active participant and great cause of the involuntary isolation. Failure is another companion to hide away with but so can success and deep transformation be. The need for recovery can be part of voluntary isolation as can times in life when silence is required.

I challenge myself to share vertically instead of sharing horizontally. I won´t share "everything" but I will explore how high and low I can go about what I do chose to share.

I heard someone say the other day: there is surface and there is depth. Our experiences, belongings, preferences, relationships and more reside on the surface. The human being resides in the depth. On this vertical axis between surface and depth is where I hope we will meet.

What isolation are you struggling with right now? Feel free to share in the comment section.

With warmth,


* Learn more about The Artist´s Way here

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