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Mixed Intuition offers original art & creative coaching from Francis Mushonga of Mixed Metal Art and Camilla Hellberg Mushonga of Relevant Intuition Company.

RIGHT NOW we are running a campaign to raise funds for a development project in Zimbabwe. The lack of clean water and functioning electricity has paralysed communities and is making life very difficult for families living in the high density areas of Harare. Families like ours. Francis is in Harare as we speak.

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Gogo and our daughter N in 2011


We want to bring stability to Gogo Mushonga (grandmother) by:

  • drilling a borehole in her own backyard to access clean water

We would also want to:

  • update appliances such as solar panel, fridge and stove

  • renovate her house 

  • help her set up a garden shop in her front yard

Gogo Mushonga is the heart of the family. We want her to enjoy security and comfort and we want to do what we can to help her have more ease in her everyday life. We need your help and in return we offer you this:

Your options to participate in the Clean Water & Co Campaign include:

Everyone is not in a position to contribute through purchases or donations, but sharing the campaign with people who might be interested is equally valuabland much appreciated!

Check out the webshop and take the opportunity to create a win-win:

  • We offer what we have to raise money for the campaign

  • You find something you like (or like to give away as a present)

  • Someone you know finds something they like

  • Gogo Mushonga and the family can enjoy more stability and ease


Click on the video below to get a clear picture of the current situation and why we are doing this:

Now that you know what we are up against, please consider the following suggestions for enabling positive change:  

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There is a shona saying... is a coaching method based on the most effective tool that people have used for centuries to learn, navigate life and mature: storytelling. Let thought provoking stories and parables bring clarity and direction to your life.


Check out your options here.

Tiny solutions to big problems

Find a framed handcrafted piece to hang on your wall. You will be reminded of that:

  • you brought great relief to someone

  • small things can have a big impact

  • you can use it to practice relief in your life too

Check out your options here

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Reclaim, Restore & Renew

Reclaim your voice, restore your sense of self and renew your expression. Get tools and guidance in vocal and physical self expression as well as clarity around navigating creative hurdles and intuitive sidetracks. 

Check out your options here.

Francis Mushonga transforms items from everyday life into unique creations with a twist. Find a piece that makes your home pop.


Check out your options here.

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If you prefer to donate to the Clean Water & Co. Campaign instead of buying from the webshop, that is much appreciated as well. 

Click here to add your contribution of choice.

Thank you!

What we want to achieve:


Due to outdated infrastructure in the high density areas of Harare, it has become difficult and almost impossible to access clean water. As a result cholera has begun to spread. Drilling a borehole in Gogo Mushonga's yard would secure the access to clean water and prevent serious health hazards.


Making necessary improvements to the home has not been an option due to fluctuating economics and a fragile infrastructure. The updates and renovation would secure a safe and secure base for Gogo Mushonga and her grand children that she is taking care of. Investments include: renovation of floors, walls and roof, solar panels, generator, fridge, freezer, stove and lights. One of Gogo's grand children has a university degree in engineering and he can lead the projects.


Small business opportunities are life savers in the high density areas where unemployment rates are as high as 80-90%. Setting up a garden shop would secure a regular income for Gogo Mushonga while helping the neighbourhood by providing local families with basic supplies. Both Gogo herself and her grand children would keep it up and running. 

Your participation means a lot!

Updates from Harare

Follow the struggles and triumphs of the Clean Water & Co Campaign through Francis who is on the ground right now November-December 2023.

The renovations have begun!

19 November 2023: Drinking water status

Before you go: We would very much appreciate your help in reaching people who are interested in art, creative coaching and making a difference.

Our goal is to raise as much money as possible while Francis is still on the ground in Harare and can help Gogo Mushonga with the improvements.

Feel free to share this campaign with your friends!

Thank you so much!

Camilla and Francis



Contact us if you have any questions or requests!

Thank you for your message. We will get back to you shortly! Camilla and Francis

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