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A Relevant Intuition Program by Camilla Hellberg Mushonga.

Private Coaching

As a GGG-Founding Member you get 5 x 60 min private coaching session online with me, Camilla Hellberg on Zoom. (Value 750€)

Group Coaching 

As a GGG-Founding Member you get to take part in three (3) 60 min Group Coaching Sessions with the other participants on Zoom. This will support you in navigating your process and development as you share and receive experiences and insights with the others. (Value 99€)

Lifetime access to the Relevant Intuition App

As a GGG-Founding Member you get Lifetime Access to the brand new RELEVANT INTUITION APP that will be launched in the summer of 2024. You get to try it out and also to provide suggestions and feedback on how it can be improved to suit the process of the program. Having an app is a way to provide the programs of Relevant Intuition Coaching in a simple and contained way, free from other online distractions.  

The content

Grounded, Groovy & Genuine is designed to equip you with tools for exploration and insight as you navigate life and creativity towards more presence, flow and authenticity.

To become grounded
we examine and become aware of how we deal with gravity. To what extent do we become dense and stuck in our body, thinking, communication and creative expression? Or on the other hand: to what extent do we try to refuse gravity and fight to stay up in the air and never feel rooted in our life? Putting our focus on a universal force like gravity in this step, allows us to become informed about our behavioral patterns in relation to this basic element in existence. When we are grounded we are gathered and allowing the force of gravity to keep us rooted but yet ready for motion, at our own pace. 

To become groovy we examine and become aware of how we deal with motion. To what extent do we move faster or slower than what our body, mind and soul is needing from us? Are we pushing or inhibiting ourselves? Putting our focus on a universal force like motion in this step, allows us to become informed about our behavioral patterns in relation to this basic element in existence. When we are groovy we are present, rooted and in motion, in the flow.  


To become genuine we examine and become aware of how we deal with what's true and what's a lie. To what extent are we ready to be authentic? Or are we trying to be content with pretending?  Putting our focus on universal phenomena like truth and lies in this step, allows us to become informed about our behaviours and patterns in relation to this basic element in existence. When we are genuine we are present, rooted, in the flow and authentic.


We become ourselves. Which is what most of us are longing for.  


We all have good reasons for why we have developed patterns of behavior that do not allow us to feel grounded, groovy & genuine. The question is: what do you want to do about it? 

I invite you to become a Founding Member of Grounded, Groovy & Genuine for a substantial discount, in return for you feedback on the program. I want to make sure it is developed, tried and tested so that it can serve more creatives who are now ready to explore receiving themselves and their creative life.


- Private coaching (value 750€)

Either every second week or once per month. We will set up a routine that works with your life.

Session 1: Getting started

Session 2: Grounded- dealing with gravity

Session 3: Groovy - dealing with motion

Session 4: Genuine - dealing with truth/lies

Session 5: Moving forward 

- Group coaching (value 99€)

We meet on Zoom once per month for 3 months. 

- Lifetime access in the app (value 47€/month)

You will have lifetime access to the GGG-program and it's future updates in the Relevant Intuition App. And you will get a 50% discount on all future programs that Relevant Intuition Coaching offers in the app. 

All included in your GGG-Founding Member Package for: 397€  (Save 500€)

Do you want to be a GGG-Founding Member?


I am looking for 8-15 people to join and get started in the beginning of 2024. Contact me here to set up a free 15 min check-in call. 

I look forward to hearing from you!



Are you ready to transition from being the seeker to the receiver of your creative life and artistry?

In 2024 I am developing a new coaching program called Grounded, Groovy & Genuine.

This is a follow up to the first Relevant Intuition Coaching programs: 


  • Ignite the Courage to Break Free

  • Reclaim, Restore, Renew.

Ignite the Courage to Break Free is about getting to know the landscape and your navigation system in relation to making life changes. It's about preparing to take the leap.

Reclaim, Restore, Renew is about seeking and gathering the parts of you and your life that have been lost, hid away or never really gotten to be part of your creative life. 

Grounded, Groovy and Genuine is about becoming the receiver of your creative life by letting in the insights, experiences and  knowledge from all that you have gathered and found. 

I am currently looking for 8-15 people who would like to go through the brand new Grounded, Groovy & Genuine Coaching Program as I launch the pilot. Here´s what it contains:



Camilla Hellberg Mushonga  (born 1979) is based in Stockholm, Sweden. She runs Relevant Intuition Company producing theatre, performance art, music, film and mixed media. Through Relevant Intuition Programs she offers workshops and coaching for individuals both live and online in English, Swedish and Finnish.


Her workshops include: Relevant Intuition and the Actress Rehab featuring: Ignite the Courage to Break Free, Reclaim - Restore - Renew  and Grounded, Groovy & Genuine as well as Fitzmaurice Voicework (Breathing, Presence and Contact) and her signature work Improvised Meaning

Camilla:"I have just this autumn 2023 completed a solo performance trilogy named TRIPOD.



The first performance opened in 2014 and was called "How close do you want to be?" It was an autobiographical piece spanning over the 7-year period when I was away from acting. As I felt the desire to return to the stage I knew I had to make something out of the experiences during these seven years first. The story starts in Helsinki and continues to a dance floor in Cape Town where true love appeared, onto a bus crossing the border to Zimbabwe with a beating heart, onwards to New York and a successful performance and back to an island in the archipelago in the Åland islands. The performance explores: How close do you want to be to your own life? Can you allow life to live you? 
The workshops Actress Rehab and Reclaim, Restore, Renew were developed together with this process.


In the second part of the trilogy called "According to Ella" that opened in 2015 I was exploring a method I had developed called Improvised Meaning. Ella is an oracle who wanders through time and space. She carries perspectives, but she doesn't know who they are for until she hears the persons questions. She stops wherever questions are asked and shares the messages she carries until it's time to move on. Improvised Meaning is a working method exploring insight as a collective process through listening with and through different levels of consciousness and sharing what you hear.

3. 11:44

The third and final part that opened in 2023 is called "11:44" and it explores unexpected effects of shame and denial in dialogue with music by composer and folk musician Sara Parkman (Swe). It took seven years for this final part to find it's shape and voice. I am very satisfied now that the trilogy is complete and I look forward to organising a Tripod-festival in 2014. The workshop GROUNDED, GROOVY & GENUINE is being developed through the lessons and insights from this project."

Camilla is originally from Finland and she works both in the Nordic region and internationally as a performer, playwright, director, actor, certified voice teacher and as coach and mentor in non-linear processes and practical intuition. 

Camilla has a MFA in Acting from the Theatre Academy of Helsinki (2003) and she is an Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework (since 2008), the first in the world to teach the method in Swedish. She is also a certified healing practitioner (since 2007) and Camilla is the founder of Relevant Intuition Company and she is also a founding member of the professional theatre group Ruikuttajat! in Finland. Her base as an artist in Sweden is at Tegelscenen in Hökarängen.

Camilla has been invited to perform and teach in: Sweden, Finland, Spain, Ireland, Colombia and USA. She was a guest teacher at "Creating Solo-Performance - Transcribing the Soul" at California State University Summer Arts program in Monterey, California.

Feel free to look around the website to learn more. Most of the texts are in Swedish at the moment. Updates in English are in progress.

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