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Buckets of Relief

small things - big impact

Camilla: When a collective condition is as challenging and as complicated as the situation in Zimbabwe is at the moment, it can feel overwhelming as you try to find possible solutions. We have felt challenged many times over the years regarding what we can do to help improve the situation. How can we assist in raising enough money for school and university fees? What investments are sustainable? How do we navigate fluctuations in currency value and access to supplies? It is difficult to be of assistance from a distance when the situations on the ground change rapidly.

However, we will never give up. Instead we have had to think from new perspectives over and over again. The people are really struggling with the challenges in the current society. Is there a way that money wouldn't have to be one of the sources of struggle? What if raising the necessary money could be easy? What if the most simple thing could be a vessel for resources to flow in?


Imagine that something you already have, something that requires minimum effort could still produce massive results? It's worth a try. And that's how Buckets of Relief became part of the Clean Water & Co. Campaign.

What buckets?

I have been crocheting since my teens and about a year ago I started making these tiny buckets in different colours. At the time, I did not know what to make of them. I was just making one after the other, like meditation. I was also  working on letting emotional things go in my life and it hit me that I could use the buckets for this inner process. 


So, I crocheted a few more, framed them and I gave each of the pieces a name. One was called Buckets of Rage, another one Buckets of Resentment and the third was Buckets of Regret. Cheerful, right?
Emotions like that are heavy. They drain you by hijacking energy you could use for moving forward. At some point, one has to let these emotions go. I really wanted to, but it was hard.


I needed a symbolic ritual of sorts. I was done carrying all that heaviness around, so I created containers for it outside of myself. I transferred the emotions into tiny crocheted buckets. That's the only space they get to take up from now on, I thought to myself. Nothing more.

After some time, as I looked at the framed buckets hanging on the wall, they no longer reminded me of rage, resentment or regret. The knot inside had dissolved


The buckets had truly become a transit hall of sorts and transformed into: Buckets of Relief. 


Relief is exactly what we want for Gogo Mushonga and the family. I know what a simple ritual with these tiny buckets can do for a person's experience of relief inside.


The experiment now is: can they provide relief in the outside world as well?

Let's see!

For the Clean Water & Co. Campaign I am selling custom made Buckets of Relief in relation to specific projects in Zimbabwe. 


Here's the vision:

  • the sales will bring relief to Gogo Mushonga

  • the piece will remind the buyer of the relief they brought another human being

  • the buyer can use the buckets as their own transit hall to enhance their own sense of relief whenever they want

Small things can have a big impact. 

1. Buckets of Relief: Orange

"Orange will make the renovation of Gogo's floors possible. New tiles, new style.

Price: 250 €

2. Buckets of Relief: Traffic lights

"Traffic lights" will make the renovation of Gogo's walls possible. New concrete and fresh paint.

Price: 200 €

3. Buckets of Relief: Green

"Green" will make a new fridge and freezer possible. Storing food means big savings.

Price: 400 €

4. Bucket of Relief: Yellow

"Yellow" is the smallest of all pieces and has been assigned to the biggest investment including a new roof, solar panels and a generator. No more electricity blackouts.

Price: 7500€

5. Buckets of Relief: Autumn

"Autumn" will make updated furniture possible.

Price: 500€

Buckets of Relief_ Earth_edited.png

6. Buckets of Relief: Earth

"Earth" will make new fabrics for interior design possible.

Price: 150€

I think it would be so amazing if this experiment would work. That something we can do almost in our sleep (crocheting) infused with specific intentions and framed for a specific purpose could be a vessel for relief on both a practical and immaterial level for everyone involved.  

Let me know if you are interested!


Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in the Buckets of Relief! We will get back to you shortly! Camilla and Francis

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